Why Cius is a Risky Play for Cisco

Senior associate Doug Carolus analyzes the role of the Cisco Cius tablet in the marketplace and how it stands up to the Apple iPad. Sample excerpts: “I believe Cisco's foray in to tablets is a risky play for several reasons. First, my client work over the past two years reflects a growing trend of organizations moving from corporate liable to individual liable mobile plans. The costs (both Cap/OpEx) and IT support issues associated with managing corporate-owned devices frequently outstrip the perceived benefits from the business owning/controlling (or trying to control) these assets. Again, users want the freedom to choose the mobile devices they use in/outside the workplace and increasingly resent IT taking this freedom away. Tablets are no exception. Second, Cius's one-time (hardware and licensing), recurring maintenance, professional services, and potential network remediation costs make it an expensive option compared with alternative consumer tablets (a 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi/3G and a 9.7" screen is ~$800). Given the constraints on IT budgets and resources, I don’t see a compelling argument to justify the additional cost for this device…”

No Jitter