Will Panasonic Deal Give Lotus Street Cred? (Information Week)

David Rutchik’s comments on the issue of e-mail as a service and e-mail in a cloud environment are referenced in this CIO-focused InformationWeek blog post. Following is an excerpt: “I was talking today with David Rutchik, a partner of the outsourcing advisory firm Pace Harmon, for an upcoming article we're planning on outsourcing trends. When we turned to e-mail as a service, he noted that, until very recently, outsourced or online e-mail made a lot of sense for small businesses, but the savings weren't there for enterprises. Big businesses, with their scale, could run it more cheaply. Now, that's changing as traditional suppliers are forced to bring down their prices to be competitive. Google's price—$50 an employee a year—is one big reason.”

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