Pace Harmon Statement on Equality

Pace Harmon comments on standing up for justice and ending systemic racism.

The recent and wrongful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have shined a bright light on America’s continued struggle with racial inequality, bigotry, violence, and oppression.  Many groups have suffered slights, indignities, unfair treatment, bullying, acts of violence, and in the recent tragic incidents, even murder, at the hands of countrymen, including those we put our faith in and rely upon to keep us safe.  This mistreatment has been based on differences in race, religion, gender, identity, nationality, among many others.  But no group has suffered more in this country than the Black community, which has endured pervasive, systemic racism that is a horrible blight on American society.

In protests across America and throughout the world, thousands are standing with the Black community, standing up against this injustice, making their voices heard, and saying no more! We at Pace Harmon feel and share the outrage, indignation, profound sadness, and the recognition that we all need to do more to address, and one day end forever, the racism, inequality, violence, and injustice that still very much exists across our otherwise great country.

We strongly believe:

  • In everyone’s right to be treated equally, to live peacefully, to be respected and heard, to be safe from harm, to be free from indignity and injustice, and to be free from fear and retribution
  • In everyone’s right to opportunity, security, success, and happiness
  • That racism, whether on our streets, in our workplaces, in our schools, or anywhere and anytime in our society must be dealt with swiftly, decisively, and justly
  • That we have a responsibility, as a firm and individually, to make a difference, to stand up for justice and equality, to educate the ignorant, and to have our voices heard that we will tolerate this no longer!

We also strongly believe: 

  • In the right to protest peacefully, expressing our anger, frustration, and demands for real, constructive change that will repair the torn fabric of parts of our society
  • In our country and in our people, in our capacity for fairness, goodness, resiliency, and empathy, in our ability to lift-up those in need, and in the words of Dr. King, our collective ability “to overcome”
  • That our differences are what make us such a great country, and that those differences must be celebrated rather than denigrated
  • That the vast majority of our law enforcement, politicians, teachers, theologians, corporate leaders, business people, military, and all Americans believe as we do, and that together we can actively work to fight discrimination and ensure that the Black community, and all Americans, are safe and secure, maintaining equal opportunity and treatment, and the ability to thrive in our society

To aid in this dialogue and provide support, we offer some links to resources below:

We also encourage you to reach out to firm leadership and/or the Director of Human Resources with any comments, concerns, or suggestions on the firm's stance on inclusion, diversity, and mental well-being.