We help our clients objectively assess their current state, determine their capacity for change, and then identify and prioritize improvement opportunities.

Through the application of our technical, operational, and transactional experiences, coupled with rigorous benchmarking and in-depth analysis, Pace Harmon provides structured, fact-based assessments that help our clients to determine the appropriate course of action.

We bring insight, not preconceptions, to each engagement and we understand that a new procurement or a determination to outsource is not, in many cases, the optimal solution. Our practitioners have experience in effecting change through process and technology optimization as well as via sourcing and vendor management, enabling each evaluation to address a wide range of potential options. Our seasoned view on technical, operational, and commercial dimensions provides a depth of pragmatism to our analysis that enables the recommendations to be readily implemented and the projected benefits to be actually attained.

Examples of services during the Assess stage include:

  • Spend Analysis and Cost Model Development
  • “Build” vs. “Buy” Decision Support
  • Cost Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Governance Model Determination
  • Business Case Development
  • Technology Strategy development
  • Technology / Support Requirements Definition
  • Sourcing Diagnostic Support