We aid clients in the seamless integration of suppliers into the enterprise’s environment and core business processes.

We facilitate the seamless incorporation of the supplier into the enterprise’s operational environment (i.e., integration of process and technology), and the development and application of contact and vendor management processes (i.e., monitoring, managing, and controlling supplier performance). 

We apply lessons learned from previous migrations to our internal program management methodology to provide a comprehensive offering that addresses common transition pitfalls and establishes the appropriate contract and vendor management structure. This ensures that the envisioned transaction benefits are realized and retained through the transition and into the steady-state environment.  

Examples of transitional support services include:

  • Migration of the Supplier Relationship to the Vendor Management Group
  • Contract and Vendor Management Process Development
  • KPI and SLA Tracking Process Development
  • Transition Planning
  • Implementation Oversight
  • Program Management
  • Governance Process Development