Anne-Perry Booth

Director of Human Resources, Recruiting, and Staffing

placeholderAnne-Perry has more than ten years of experience in management consulting, human resources, finance, vendor management, reporting, and recruiting.

Anne-Perry began her career in management consulting, focusing on Business Process Outsourcing, Vendor Management, and Organizational Change Management, primarily in the Life Sciences and Retail industries.

After leaving the consulting industry, Anne-Perry worked at a public Government Sponsored Entity as a Vendor and Financial Management Manager. In this role, Anne-Perry was responsible for negotiating, implementing, and managing the division’s outsourced contracts, as well as overseeing the division’s budgeting, accrual, and invoicing processes.

In 2019, Anne-Perry re-joined Pace Harmon, this time as the Director of Human Resources, Recruiting, and Staffing and is responsible for all aspects of Experienced Hire and Campus Recruiting, resource staffing, and Human Resources.

Anne-Perry holds a B.S. in Commerce, with concentrations in Finance and Marketing, from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia.

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