Delivering Value

We help our clients align all stakeholder groups to structure deals that are both flexible and financially beneficial.

Today’s competitive marketplace and focus on enterprise efficiency have led to an increasing reliance on technology and process automation. Business success is now critically dependent upon the organization’s ability to choose the right supplier, create the right contractual relationships, and manage these suppliers effectively. Success requires the involvement of all stakeholder groups, including the functional business owners, supply chain, IT, finance, and legal.

Transactions often fail because they overlook the reality of evolving business needs, focusing excessively on financial objectives, and invariably leading to contractual rigidity. Another common failing is underestimating the retained organization capabilities that must be in place to realize and maintain the benefits of the transaction.

We understand how to structure deals that allows clients the flexibility to adapt as necessary to meet changing business needs and to understand the capabilities that must be retained in order to effectuate a successful supplier relationship.

Our experience in technology, operations, and procurement provides our clients with a long-term perspective that emphasizes mutually beneficial supplier / customer relationships that drive financial and operational benefits long after the initial agreement has been executed.

Pace Harmon delivers value through:

  • Vetting business requirements without assuming that a transaction is the solution
  • Demonstrating extensive experience in the technical, operational, and procurement aspects of transactions
  • Combining industry, consulting, and outsourcing expertise to provide the range of perspectives necessary to enable business optimization
  • Leveraging our extensive knowledge of large-scale process and technology business requirements
  • Utilizing our experience in a broad range of transactions scaling from relatively small, industry specific solutions to billion dollar “mega-deals”
  • Applying our deep contract negotiations experience
  • Providing impartial advice, representing the client exclusively, with no supplier partnerships
  • Recognizing that the best contract is not necessarily equivalent to the best relationship

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