In today’s complex and competitive business environment, no enterprise can afford to do everything itself. Whether providing software, infrastructure, labor or services, third party suppliers are a critical element in every company’s success.

Identifying when and where to use suppliers, selecting the appropriate partner(s), establishing the optimal business and operational relationship, and managing and integrating these providers is now a business excellence table stake.

Pace Harmon helps clients through the complex sourcing landscape with a range of complementary service offerings:

  • IT Optimization and Outsourcing Advisory: assisting our clients in maximizing the value obtained from their Information Technology functions through the evaluation and selective outsourcing of IT infrastructure and/or services
  • Business Process Optimization and Outsourcing Advisory: helping our clients assess and, where appropriate, partner with a specialist third-party supplier to deliver particular business functions or processes
  • Enterprise Software and Integration Advisory Services: helping our clients through the challenges of selecting the optimal enterprise application software providers and the right systems integration partners to implement tomorrow’s solution
  • Enterprise Network Services: working with our clients to optimize their enterprise network architecture, address unused or underutilized network resources, and to procure cost-effective, technically and operationally robust network services
  • Strategic Sourcing: supporting our clients in the execution of large and complex sourcing transactions, focusing on selecting the optimal solution for the defined requirements and obtaining the most favorable rates, terms, and conditions
  • Transition Management: assisting our clients in the effective management and execution of complex projects and/or programs of work
  • Vendor Management & Governance: working with our clients to maximize and maintain the potential value of their vendor relationships throughout the lifetime of the contract 
  • Wireless Carrier Services: providing services to many of the largest wireless carriers, both in general technology sourcing and operational expertise

Pace Harmon's award-winning consulting team includes practitioners with a wide range of expertise relating to technology, enterprise operations and outsourcing. Our practitioners, who have an average of over 12 years of professional experience, bring skills and experience from their backgrounds in strategy consulting, technology, systems integration, legal and finance. In conjunction with tried and tested tools, templates, and methodologies, our consulting teams quickly deliver creative and pragmatic solutions that generate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings, cash flow improvement, and alignment between service levels and the needs of the business.