Enterprise Network Services

We help our clients optimize their wireless and wired telecom environment, architecting and procuring services that economically deliver the capabilities and performance required to support business needs

With wireless and wired telecommunications services now accounting for over 15% of the average IT budget, the enterprise must ensure it is obtaining substantial value from this investment. By addressing both the demand side (service portfolio review and validation, network grooming, architecture optimization) and the service pricing (rate structure and rate element cost), we enable our clients to drive multi-million dollar savings. Additionally, our comprehensive benchmark database of service requirements, SLAs, business terms, and rate element pricing allows us to identify and address contractual deficiencies in service scope, quality, and timeliness.

We support our clients across the entire technical, operational, and financial scope of wireless and wired telecommunications

Pace Harmon's Network Value Enhancement services enable our clients to rapidly identify and execute on savings opportunities, ranging from the simple (e.g., billing errors, unused services, ensuring all services are addressed by contract rates) to the more complex (e.g., network grooming, network architecture reviews), and includes:

  • Telecom Waste Reduction, identifying the areas of wasted spend, such as unused services and features, unauthorized use and toll fraud, locations utilizing switched/dedicated access where not economic, and duplicative support services
  • Network Optimization and Grooming, aligning voice and data circuits, port sizes, and class of service (COS) allocations with actual service utilization and projected business demand
  • Network Architecture Review, reviewing service redundancy options, network aggregation points, global network architectures, alternative IP connectivity, and overall architecture value and efficiency
  • Network Technology Proof of Concept and Migration, validating business cases and supporting migrations such as TDM voice to IPT and/or VoIP, Private Line to MPLS/VPLS (or from one vendor's MPLS offering to another), and implementation of WAN optimization technologies
  • Invoice Review and Validation, identifying provider errors such as failure to apply contract rates, failure to apply waivers and rebates, continued billing of components of disconnected services, casual billing, slamming/cramming, and charging for services not received

Our Telecom Sourcing service line provides comprehensive support to our clients through the entire transaction lifecycle. Telecom Sourcing is often performed in conjunction with a network cost reduction initiative to ensure that the services to be procured are appropriately matched to business needs. Our sourcing process is supported by a proven portfolio of service templates that facilitates the creation of detailed inventories and service demand sets, the development of comprehensive technical, operational, performance and regulatory requirements, the evaluation of RFP responses, and full TCO analyses and comparison to benchmarks. Our thorough and structured approach provides the information necessary to achieve the optimal results for our clients during term sheet and detailed contract negotiations. Telecom categories sourced include:

  • Long Distance (IXC) Transport Sourcing
  • Local Service (LEC) Sourcing
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Sourcing
  • Managed Services Sourcing
  • Network Infrastructure Sourcing
  • Call Center Technology Sourcing

Our Enterprise Wireless Cost Reduction services help our clients to develop a strategy and approach to managing wireless, get their wireless environment under control, use their existing contract structures most effectively to reduce the overall cost, and to go-to-market to attain improved rates, terms, and conditions. Highlighted services include:

  • Wireless Policy Development, formalizing the use of wireless devices within the enterprise, developing eligibility criteria for corporate liable (CL) and individual liable (IL) devices, and ensuring that users are aware of their obligations, thereby reducing the likelihood of security breaches and helping to protect the business from liabilities arising from improper use
  • Wireless Waste Reduction, identifying unused devices and services, and migrating users to a plan/feature structure that would reduce the overall TCO (e.g., unlimited features, discounted international and roaming)
  • Wireless Plan and Pool Optimization, reviewing the aggregate voice and data usage for enterprise CL users and determining the optimal way to structure the account within the confines of the existing contract. Pace Harmon has a strong track record in reducing wireless costs by 5% – 15% through this technique, even for clients where service providers claim to perform the service automatically
  • Wireless Service Sourcing, helping the enterprise obtain competitive rates and improved terms and conditions from its incumbent provider(s), or conducting a competitive procurement to select and implement a preferred provider(s)

Our broad capabilities enable a holistic approach to enterprise network optimization and cost reduction, allowing us to identify and execute in the areas that provide the greatest opportunity to our clients

As a firm, Pace Harmon combines the technical, analytical, operational, and vendor management capabilities necessary to execute complex telecom cost reduction initiatives. In contrast to retrospective Telecom Expense Management (TEM) analysis, a purely technical network evaluation, or jumping straight to RFP, we combine the critical skills to provide a holistic review across all cost reduction and performance improvement levers and implement a solution that maximizes the benefit attained for each client.