Enterprise Software and Integration Advisory Services

We help our clients through the challenges of selecting the optimal enterprise application software providers and the right systems integration partners to implement tomorrow’s solutions.

Enterprise Software and Systems Integration services are highly visible and mission critical to nearly all business users, given an increasing importance of technology and automation in driving businesses’ efficiency and flexibility. Critical to this is helping our clients realize their enterprise application and implementation partner strategies to: (1) reduce application and technology delivery times and time-to-value, (2) increase their agility to changing business requirements, (3) reduce application deployment and support costs, and (4) reduce the complexity of managing infrastructure allocated to enterprise applications.

Thus, each enterprise should have a clearly defined strategic vision for its software and application portfolio to deliver the business’s missions and values. At Pace Harmon, the Enterprise Software and Integration service line represents one of our key service areas in which we have exceptionally deep functional, technical, operational, and sourcing capabilities.

Our Enterprise Software and Integration Advisory Services include:

  • Enterprise Software Strategy including application portfolio strategy and management, cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), software development life cycle (SDLC), application architecture strategy, and business continuity
  • Enterprise Software Sourcing, Selection, Licensing, Negotiations and Governance of packaged and cloud software across all major business and technology software towers (e.g., ERP, HCM, SRM, CRM, MDM, BI, BPM, Desktop, OS, and Database)
  • Enterprise Software Professional Services Sourcing including services sourcing and implementation services strategy, developing an optimal systems integrator engagement strategy, systems integrator selection and services contracting, implementation cost and resource rate benchmarking, and applications development and maintenance
  • Program and Vendor Implementation Governance including program management, vendor management (e.g., financial management, performance management, scope management, deliverable quality review), and developing the strategy for and initializing the overall implementation program and governance structure
  • Software Entitlement and Spend Optimization including licensing optimization, cost benchmarking, application and licensing rationalization, subscription and maintenance optimization, and compliance review

We assist our clients in selecting best fit enterprise software package and cloud “solutions” for their unique needs, by reinforcing a rationalized long term applications strategy and driving alignment among the executive committee, business stakeholders, and IT delivery. In addition, we help accelerate the sourcing process and optimize the business case for provider capabilities, project and commercial risk, and cost.

Our approach includes:

  • Assisting in the procurement of clients’ enterprise software licenses and cloud/SaaS subscription services as well as the requisite systems integrator services
  • Ensuring consistent and clearly defined business, technical, and commercial requirements as well as project scope and timing to critically evaluate suppliers in a competitive procurement
  • Remaining as an objective advisor focused on our client’s best interests and having no partnerships with any software providers, SaaS providers, or systems integrators
  • Providing recommendations developed by practitioners who have practical integration experiences as systems integrators, business stakeholders, CIOs, IT directors, vendor managers, and program managers
  • Focusing on the entire transaction lifecycle to apply our experiences from business requirements development to procurement, benchmarking, implementation services and program management to the formation
  • Offering an extensive array of tools and templates (e.g., business requirements, request for proposals, pricing and response, benchmarking database, objectives alignment, deliverable review and acceptance, change readiness, and proposal evaluation) to accelerate project timelines and maximize the realization of results at all phases of the transaction lifecycle
  • Delivering deep insight into the service offerings of enterprise software and cloud/SaaS providers, and the Tier 1 and Tier 2 systems integrators through our deal volume and industry expertise
  • Bringing thoughtful operational, technical, commercial, and sourcing leadership and experience that enables us to work effectively with relevant business, IT, procurement, and legal stakeholders