Vendor Management & Governance

Completing the deal and implementing the solution are just the first phases in a continuing effort to fully exploit the benefits of incorporating third parties into our clients’ business operations.

Effective ongoing vendor management profoundly impacts the businesses’ ability to meet customer demands, achieve business goals and keep costs down. Establishing a strong governance program allows the business to further develop the strategic relationships that strengthen both the client and the provider, while avoiding the loss of value that frequently occurs as the contract lifecycle progresses.

Our services help clients achieve what the agreement promises, maintain appropriate leverage, and continue to identify optimization opportunities.

Our services allow our clients to:

  • Identify and manage critical contract terms
  • Establish robust vendor governance framework and supporting processes
  • Resolve contractual disputes by taking advantage of all available remedies and resolution processes within the agreement
  • Establish processes and tools to enable ongoing performance and service level agreement monitoring, and validate the delivery of key contract obligations, milestones, and deliverables
  • Identify and implement strategies to address deficiencies in service and performance
  • Continually evaluate the long term health of the relationship as well as the available alternative offerings in the marketplace
  • Incentivize the vendor to maintain a high level of service through the application of best practices and new technologies
  • Evolve the supplier relationship from a purely transactional relationship to a strategic partnership
  • Continually manage the vendor environment to maximize leverage and identify the preferred supplier for each additional procurement
  • Develop best-in-class Supply Chain processes (e.g., procure-to-pay)

These capabilities are applied to deliver the following related offerings:

  • Vendor Relationship Optimization, including distressed deal remediation
  • Vendor Portfolio Optimization
  • Support in establishing a Vendor Management Office
  • Vendor Governance
  • Supply Chain Process Design