Career Progression

Responsibilities are assumed based on ability, not position in the firm, and our consultants are bound only by their own performance.

Pace Harmon has a very flat organization by consulting firm standards, and we believe this organizational structure affords multiple benefits, including access to senior leadership and the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the firm and on client delivery work.

The success of the firm is inextricably linked to the success of our staff. At Pace Harmon, everyone takes an active role in client service, business development and internal operations. As one progresses through the firm, so do the responsibilities one assumes in helping the firm grow and develop.

There is no concept of “time in grade” or “up or out” at Pace Harmon; promotion and compensation decisions are merit-based.

Our five levels include

AnalystAssociate5Senior AssociatePrincipalPartner


Analysts are initially given opportunities to develop content knowledge, build and refine analytical skills, perform research and develop client interfacing skills. As our analysts progress, they take on additional responsibilities, including managing of work streams within a client project, assuming more visible client interfacing roles, and developing recommendations on the project.

Approximately half of our analysts are hired from our campus recruiting process, and the other half join Pace Harmon after having gained 1-2 years of work experience.


Associates play an active role in structuring, organizing, analyzing and presenting portions of projects. They apply strong functional and technical content and become trusted business advisors to the client. Our Associates also have essential roles in coaching, mentoring and leading junior staff.

Associates joining Pace Harmon tend to have 4-8 years of work experience, either with a consulting firm or with relevant functional expertise, or enter after completing an MBA or similar advanced degree.

Senior Associate

Senior Associates are primarily responsible for day to day project execution and client relationship management. They apply exceptional consulting, project management and functional skills in the management of major project components or entire projects. Additionally, Senior Associates are involved in firm development, with the ability to leverage experience into sustainable business-generating relationships, as well as training and developing members of the junior staff.

Our Senior Associates typically have 8-15 years of experience in consulting or industry, and are experts in one or more of our core service areas.


Directors drive client decision making based on Pace Harmon analysis and recommendations, create and maintain high levels of credibility with C-level executives, establish overall project structure, possess deep expertise in more than one core service area, identify and close sales opportunities and act as leaders in our firm.

Directors are very seasoned practitioners, often with 15+ years of experience that they bring to our firm and our clients. They have demonstrated leadership, either as management consultants or corporate executives, in one or more of the disciplines highlighted in our Services.